week 3

1) What will be the future of social networking and social gaming?

I think social networking and social gaming will become more popular in the futrue with high competition because this is one of a good business earning much money that some people would like to try. Besides, The link between social networking and social gaming will be still remain with a strict rule. Although when Facebook apply the rule that permit users to avoid unexpected gaming advertisment which resulted in the deoriation in Facebook and Zynga relationship, Facebook still a lucrative market because billions of people login everyday.

2)  Can Facebook survive without Zynga and vice versa?

personally, in both sides, Facebook itself and Zynga can still survive with the apperance of other. The main reason is that not all Facebook users are Zynga players and vice versa. 

3) How does leasing a data center fit into a cloud infrastructure?

A cloud infrastructure is basically an infrastructure connected to your business through the internet and accessible through these means. So, if you are accessing or providing access in this manner to or from a data center, then broadly that can be defined as a cloud infrastructure. (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110925190124AAE4iFC)


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