week 4 short answer question: Flickr case

1) I think Flickr has been so popular through the world because this website is easy to share the photos with others who are not in the event with the photos’ owners. There are also many tools for users to get in touch with others. For example, the tags tool is used for futher photo research with popular key tags as ” summer vacation” or ” spring”, when you search for the tags, there are many pictures relating to them shown on the screen.

2)lessons a Web site for a local business could learn from flickr is that Flickr access with other social network to expand the world wide interaction. For exmaple, Flickr connects to many popular social network as Facebook, Twitter or wordpress. A business website can increase the subscriptions by access with the other social network as Flickr

3) personally, I think Flickr has been a part of globalization. there are many reasons for my opinion. first of all, Flickr bring many people all over the world go closer because they share photos and everyone can see them with thin the owner’s permission. The next one is that Flickr has accessed to many popular social network which create a huge net work connection for better communication of people around the world. 



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