week 5

1)  Do you use Wikipedia for your research? Why or why not?

I somtimes use Wikipedia for my research only when I cannot find any good information about my topic. However, I rarely use this source or I have to compare carefully with the other reliable website. Because the information that Wikipedia provides is untrustworthy.

2) Have you ever made a change to a Wikipedia entry? If you were to see an obvious mistake (in your opinion), would you take the time to change it? Why or why not?

Actually, I have never made a change to a Wikipedia entry. if I were to see an obvious mistake ( in my opinion), maybe I would take time to change it to make it better and contribute to set a right process of infromation provided.

3) Anyone can edit entries on Wikipedia. Do you see this as a curse or as a blessing? Explain.

I personally think that the right for anyone to edit entries on Wikipedia is both a curse and a blessing. To explain for my opinion, first, I would like to share my idea why it is a curse. Anyone can edit entries on Wikipedia means that the information sources on this website can be destroyed by the one who intends to give the wrong the information to the web. In contrast, it may be a blessing as a conscious person try to make it better by giving correct information and knowledge to the web. It is obviously considered that noone can know all the knowledge and full understanding about every issue in the world and contribution is a good way to make the web become better


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