week 9

Case Study 2: CRM 2.0 (Valacich & Schneider, 2014)

a)     What role does technology play in CRM? Is CRM mostly about technology or mostly about relationships?

Customer Relationship Managing System (CRM) is a process of learning more about customers’ needs and how they behave in order to grow stronger relationships with them.  And technology is one of the most important part of CRM. Thanks to techonology, CRM can complete these tasks:

_ Enables 24/7/365 operations

_ Individualized services

_ Improved information

_ Speeds problem identifications/ resolutions

_ Speeds processes

_ Improved integration

_ Improved product development

_ Improved planning

personally, I think CRM is both about technology and relationships. Because CRM is a system involving sales force automation (SFA), customer services and support ( CSS), enterprise marketing management ( EMM). Those indicators remain a close relationship with cusgomers and help the company to serve their buyers better

b)     What types of communication )e.g. email, texting, Facebook, and so on) methods would you want to have with a company you do business with? Explain.

I intend to utilize the chatter and social network becuase of some reasons

_ exchange business’s ideas

_ real time status updates

_ create group and activites

_ share documents

_ work more efficiently

c)      If you were the CIO of Fortune 500 company, would you be comfortable using social media sites like Facebook, or LinkedIn as part of your CRM strategy? Why or Why not?

If I were a CIO of Fortune 500 company, I would not hesitate to use the socila network for CRM strategy. One of the most considerable reasons is that the amount of social network user is very huge and I can advetise or receive customer feedback easily. And other reason is that it is a free tool to improve CRM


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